Reference the instructions below to sign up for Symplicity Branded Mobile App 

  1. Login into your CSM as a Manager user.
  2. Under Support section in the left navigation, click on Symplicity Help Center.
  3. Once in the help center, click on Submit a Request, choose CSM as the Product, and in the description box, provide the name and email of the person for our team to reach out to for approval of the logo.


It takes a high level of design expertise to meet the criteria required to create a logo that can be used in the app stores.  As a service to our clients, we’ll design an app for you.  Fill out the form to the left to have our designers create an app based on your school’s own logo.  If your organization has access to designers and you’d like to create your own, you can download the specs here

Symplicity Branded Mobile App allows clients to add a custom icon to the new Symplicity app to match the branding of their career center or institution. 

Students may personalize the Symplicity app icon to match their school’s brand making it easier to spot and stay top-of-mind in your students’ career development process.

Enhance your school’s brand identity with your custom icon.
Stay top-of-mind in your students’ career exploration journey.
Increase student engagement with your career center.
Become the go-to location for student employment.

Want to learn more about Branded Mobile App?

Download the FAQ sheet to learn whether your school is currently eligible for Branded Mobile App and what you can do to customize the new app. 

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