Getting a job upon graduation has always been top of mind for families and potential students calculating their return on investment. Therefore, universities are tasked with proving their value in an age where a gig economy and the explosion of new credentials from non-higher education providers are on the rise. Traditionally, people go to college to get an education and a job. But as the emphasis has shifted toward the latter, the disconnect between higher education and the methods that employers use in hiring is growing (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2019).

Nowadays, hiring is becoming more skills based. As the work force demands change, universities will need to adapt to meet these demands. Work and learn models - such as co-ops, internships, extra-curricular activities and hands-on projects – are a natural way for colleges to both better engage students and accelerate their career development. While these techniques help develop soft and hard skills, students also need the right guidance and tools to document, communicate, and apply them.

Symplicity’s Unihub solution is designed to support an institution-wide approach to skills development - from engaging students, faculty, and staff through various university offerings, to tracking the skills that today’s employers desire. Watch the webinar discussion with the Unihub team to learn how our new solution can help your institution better enable students to translate their skills into the job market.

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Understand the current landscape around skills development in higher education and how universities should renew their current programs to track these efforts.
  • Uncover the challenges faced by higher education institutions to scale, operationalize, and achieve institution-wide buy-in for these programs
  • Learn how Unihub can be an efficient tool for tracking and fostering skills development across a variety of co-curricular programs institution wide.
  • View a demonstration of Unihub and examples of skills development workflows that have been adopted by current and future Unihub clients.

Meet the Presenter

craigCraig DeVoe
Vice President, North America Higher Education 
Symplicity Corporation




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